Sacred Sunday Entrepinx/ays 2021

Peace and light.

I hope you’ve been well. This is an invite to my upcoming diner. I would love for you to join me and my friends in an evening oflearning, growing & healing. With a mere passion for uplifting and representing the people of where I’m from, I won’t ever stop finding ways in serving.This year has allowed tremendous growth for all of us. I believe it’s important for us to gather to share and celebrate what we’ve accomplished, with each other.These gatherings allow me to step out of my comfort zone of shying away from leadership roles and responsibilities…To be frank, I am mainly an introvert who very much enjoys time being alone. Although I love being in large crowds where the sense of excitement and joy are in the air, I’m not usually one to hang with a crowd of more than 4 or 5. This is the Aquarius’ paradox. Looking for ways to grow with my community and the advancement of humanity is my jam. But I’m pretty much a lone cheeta.If it’s not to learn about how you can manage and add-on to your branding and/or professional practice, come spend time and learn more about me and my peoples 🙂

Our diner will be held at 6250 rue Chabot, H2G 2T2

Doors open at 5:30 – Diner starts at 6:00PMTickets are 30$

You can register here:

Tell yo frienddddds! xxx


Missed the Sunday Brunch 2020 event? Read more about it here:

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